Building Just
Got Better

Implement construction projects faster, better organized and with more fun. Our software leaves more room for what's essential: Building.

Task Management – Efficient and Simple

For everyday tasks and extraordinary challenges: Benetics enables you to swiftly manage and track what's done and what’s pending.

Your site workers get all essential work details right on their phones, including precise plan sections, photos and checklists.

This boosts smooth execution and minimizes misunderstandings.

Plans in Your Pocket - Always

Wherever you are, you're always prepared. You and your team can access the latest plans on your phone at any time.

Additionally, our 'Benetics Live Plan' feature allows you to enhance your plans with precise notes, annotations, photos and tasks.

Plans transform from static documents into dynamic tools that greatly enhance collaboration.

Reporting Made Easy - Really

Reporting can be a blast.

With Benetics, log acceptance forms, work hours, and progress reports right from the site with just your phone.

This saves you time every day – and makes report creation something to look forward to.

Team Communication – Fast and Clear

Stay in touch with your team anytime, anywhere, with precision and clarity - as seamlessly as using WhatsApp or Telegram.

Whether it's one-on-one conversations or project-specific groups, we provide voice-to-text capabilities and automatic translations in multiple languages

Transform your team's communication into a catalyst for efficiency and joy.


What Sets Us Apart.

Benetics puts you and your team front and center - the true heroes of construction. We're committed to understanding and fulfilling your specific needs.

Tailored for Your Needs

Every craft comes with its own challenges. Our software fits seamlessly into the systems you're already using, and customizes itself to the specifics of your business.

AI as Your Ally

Let automation take the strain off your shoulders. Our construction-specific AI features are here to lighten your workload, while still allowing you full control.

Speedy Setup, Rapid Results

Bye-bye, complex software! Our intuitive, ready-to-use solution needs no training – start streamlining your work instantly.

Continuous Improvement.

Numerous businesses of varying sizes already partner with Benetics. With each collaboration, we both deliver and learn, growing stronger together. We cherish every single partnership.

Two Guaranteed Goals for Our Partners and Us:

> 20

Minutes daily time savings
per user

93 %

User recommendation rate

Value Beyond Price.

We've all said it a million times: "You get what you pay for." This principle holds true in both construction and software. However, our approach is one of fairness and transparency. We invite you to test our services and reach out to us.

Individual Plan
$ 12 / Month
  • Manage up to 5 projects simultaneously

  • 50 GB storage for plans

  • Mobile and Web App access

  • Unlimited tasks and assignments

  • Unlimited chats, including voice-to-text and translation

  • Enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Custom form integration: not available


Get Started
SME / Mid-Size Business
$ 10 / Month per User
  • Manage up to 50 projects simultaneously

  • Unlimited storage for plans

  • Mobile and Web App access

  • Unlimited tasks and assignments

  • Unlimited chats, including voice-to-text and translation

  • Enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Custom form integration: On request


Get Started
Enterprise / Corporate
  • In-depth needs analysis

  • Comparison with our knowledge database

  • Customized solution development

Get Started

Good Questions, Helpful Answers.

Yes, but what if? How exactly? Please reach out if anything is unclear. We're here to assist.

What technical requirements are needed for Benetics?

Likely, you’re all set. Benetics is your versatile partner, thriving on any platform: as a mobile app (iOS and Android) and as a website for desktop computers. It's your omnipresent ally, bridging on-site action with office strategy.

Can employees from different companies work together in Benetics?

It’s a Yes! Collaboration is the lifeblood of construction. In Benetics, merging talents from various companies is as simple as a click. Invite, manage, and unify teams from different firms with unparalleled ease.

Can Benetics be integrated with my existing systems?

More and more! Benetics can be used as a standalone solution and is already capable of integrating with various systems, with more being added continuously. Let's look at the details together.

Setup: As Easy as it Gets?

Think instant readiness. Benetics springs to life on your devices in moments, no tech headaches included. It’s crafted for immediate, intuitive use – a breeze for your team and you.

How does Benetics differ from other software solutions?

Construction software is often versatile, but unfortunately, it can be complex. We focus on intuitive use for everyone involved, especially the installers and construction workers. Their work becomes simpler, faster, and more efficient with Benetics.

Are all the listed features included in the cost per user?

We pride ourselves on being honest craftsmen. So, yes! All core functionalities are available without restrictions for every user. Custom needs? Let's tailor Benetics to fit your unique project landscape.

Do you have more questions?

Contact us

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