About Benetics

Benetics is a software company on a mission to revolutionize the construction and building industry. Not for its own sake, but because the challenges are growing - for companies and their employees, both on-site and in the office. While software isn't the sole solution, it's an absolutely indispensable tool with almost limitless potential.

At the heart of it all are the construction workers, fitters, technicians, and all the on-site heroes – along with their team and project leaders, the management, general contractors, and everyone involved in realizing construction projects. We also focus on companies and their employees dealing with the maintenance, use, repurposing and planning phase of buildings before actual construction.

Benetics was founded in 2022 as a startup in Zurich, where our headquarters are also located. We work closely with partners in the USA, Canada, Germany, Austria and other European countries. Our goal: to continuously improve, expand, and popularize Benetics through close collaborations.

The Three Founders of Benetics: Ferdinand, Aaron and Johan

Some people are just born to build. Sometimes, this sparks a revolution. That's the case with Ferdinand, Aaron and Johann, the three founders of Benetics. Building has always been a passion for each of them in their own way. Since 2022, they've been building the construction industry itself.


Benetics founder team (from left to right): Johan Tibel, CTO / Ferdinand Metzler, CEO / Aaron Shon, CSO - Photo: Benetics AG.

Before studying at ETH Zurich, focusing on robotics and mechanical engineering, Ferdinand worked as an electrician on construction sites. After a stint abroad in Hong Kong and founding his first startup - creating revolutionary software for the apparel industry - he sought a new challenge: “Why not view the construction industry itself as a construction site?” Seeing unexplored potential in digital transformation, he found his co-founders, Aaron and Johan. Today, as CEO of Benetics, Ferdinand, along with his team, is building a better future for the construction industry, accelerating digital transformation.

Aaron brings about 30 years of experience in building software, software and more software. He created his first software, a simple skill game, at the age of six. This was a time when PCs were still taking their first steps, much like he was. Between then and now, Aaron worked for 14 years at Google, contributing to various products and innovations. Eventually, he decided to start anew, co-founding Benetics and bringing with him a vast trove of experience and knowledge in artificial intelligence - a field set to significantly advance the construction industry.

Johan, the third founder, hails from a neighborhood surrounded by woods close to Gothenburg in Sweden. As a child, he was often found in the forest, building huts, shelters and dams out of whatever he could find. Like Aaron, Johan started programming computer games in first grade. After studying and working as a software engineer, Google came calling. Johan stayed for 15 years and it was during this time that Aaron and Johan met and came to appreciate each other. And the rest, as they say, about the founding of Benetics, is history.

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